OOTW knows that no one person or any one organization will end the problem of homeless, abandoned and abused pets. There is common ground for all of us to work together to protect animal interests and ensure a place in our society where animals are respected and valued. With your help we can be more effective and increase the efforts to help homeless, abandoned and abused animals in our communities.

Saving one pet won't change the world...
but it will change the world for that one pet...

This past fiscal year was filled with many, so many, challenges. We have helped hundreds of dogs and cats, and we receive constant requests for help. Our area is fortunate to have many animal welfare groups each dedicated to a different aspect of animal rescue and almost all worthy of funding. But OOTW is filling a need that is different from other rescue organizations; we focus on helping independent rescuers, people who take in and then care for stray and abandoned animals until an adoptive home is found, by extending to them all of our resources. We have helped with overwhelmed rescue situations, hoarding situations and puppymills. Sometimes it is one or two; sometimes it is many, into the hundreds. Our work is crucial to improving the lives of those in need and making this world a better place for all animals.

With the help of Network for the Good, OOTW has made it easy for you to make a one-time or recurring donation. We are hopeful that this year, YOU will help strengthen our abilities to help even more of our furry friends in desperate need. Here are some examples of what ten people donating just $10.00 a month for one year will help us do:

  • Rescue eight to ten dogs who are fairly healthy 
  • Rescue 3-4 dogs who need extensive care 
  • Spay or neuter twenty dogs or cats
  • Provide 10 doghouses to those without shelter
  • Provide dog and cat food to many who are starving

Your donation dollars will truly make a difference in the lives of animals that are desperate to have even the basics of food and shelter. PLEASE HELP us in ourcontinuing efforts by being a part of the solution to end homelessness for animals. 

100% of your donation goes directly to help those in need because OOTW is a 100% volunteer driven, nonprofit 501 (c)3 animal welfare organization.